How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

If you have been looking for a dental implant in Seaford Victoria, then you may have seen contrasting information about how much time dental implant in Seaford Victoria actually takes? Although, you can also have prosthetic teeth fitted onto your implants in the same way the titanium rod is anchored into place (also known as immediate implants),but there may be underlying reasons why they’re not the best alternative for you. So in order to answer the question, let’s discuss the main steps required to make dental implants successful.

Thorough examination

Apart from initial consultation, when you will enter the clinic for the very first time, you have to go through a thorough oral examination. This includes X-rays or a 3D imaging scan where the dentist can have a good overall view of what needs to be done. From this, they’ll form a treatment plan based on your actual need.


If we assume that you don’t require a bone augmentation or sinus graft prior to fitting an implant then the next step is to anchor the titanium rod down into the jawbone. Surgery can take approximately 1-2 hours per implant and when done most implant dentists will fit a temporary crown on the top.

Recovery time

“Recovery time” doesn’t actually mean recovering from a surgical procedure, although you may expect some swelling or bruising. Instead, this is more about the time taken for a crucial aspect of dental implant to happen, and that’s the bone fusion process(also technically known as osseointegration). It occurs when the bone tissue where the implant is placed , starts to merge and fuse with the titanium rod. When it does, it creates a super-strong binding. The recovery time depends on the healing capabilities of the individual. Some may take as little as 4-6 weeks for osseointegration to occur whereas others may take as long as 12 weeks.

Abutment fitting

When the dentist is happy with the bone fusion, the next stage is to go back into surgery and have a socket-shaped component fitted known as the abutment. This abutment acts as an interlinking shock absorber between the implant and the permanent porcelain crown. Once the abutment is placed, the final porcelain crown is attached to the top.

You can get this done in one sitting or it can need more.


If you take into consideration the time commencing from the initial consultation to the placement of the crown, it can take up to 3-9 months. However, it totally depends upon the circumstances and healing capabilities of the individual. If a patient has to undergo a bone augmentation or a sinus lift, then it shall be done first, even before the rod fixation. Then, you have to add an extra 4-8 weeks for recovery time before the said time.

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