Removable Orthodontics Treatment

Removable orthodontics are appliances that help treat minor teeth misalignment and can be removed from your mouth. They’re made of custom-fit coated wire that slips over the teeth. We won’t be using any brackets that are fixed to the teeth.

What are the advantages of removable orthodontics?

Removable orthodontics can exert nearly as much force as braces but are not as tightly fixed into the teeth. You can easily remove the mouthpiece for eating, cleaning, and playing an instrument or sport.

What are the advantages of removable orthodontics?

Unlike braces, removable orthodontics cannot rotate teeth at angles. They can only apply tipping motions and are best used for retaining the realigned position. They’re often worn after braces are removed. They’re also ideal for patients who only have to make slight improvements to the alignment of their front teeth.

Why should you get Removable Orthodontics Treatment at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Removable orthodontics is one of the preferred options for patients who want to wear comfortable and hygienic appliances. This is used to treat so many dental issues that are Overlapping, Open bite, Overjet, Deep bite, and Crossbite.
The first time when you visit the orthodontist, they will inform you about the overall procedure and how to get treated with them. These are most asked service by the people because there is a wide option in the market to try.

Benefits of receiving Removable Orthodontics:

What is the procedure involved in Removable Orthodontics?

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