Hybrid Dentures

What is the Difference between Hybrid Custom Made Dentures and Normal Dentures

As the name implies, Hybrid custom dentures are a blend of traditional dentures and conventional dental implants. Like traditional dentures they sit atop of the gums. They are composed of acrylic and resin that surrounds a metal substructure fixed with screws to a dental implant. Unlike the easily removable full acrylic dentures that rely on fit and suction to secure them inside the mouth, Hybrid custom dentures are mounted on 4 or more dental implant posts and are secured with screws, therefore require the aid of a dental professional or implant dentist to remove them. This semi-permanent nature provides extra stability and strength as well as an ultra-seamless look. They typically do not cover the roof of the mouth like other restorative options allowing patients a more natural eating, drinking, and chewing experience. Because they are not immediately removable extra attention to maintenance and care is required to keep the dentures in top condition, regular cleaning and dental visits is a necessity.

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