Smile Designing

What is a digital smile design?

Digital smile design is an innovative tool for aesthetic dentistry. This modern, technology based tool uses specialised computer software that allows us to create a high definition visualisation of your new smile before treatment begins. This digital mock-up allows you the ability to collaborate with us to customise your smile on a whole new level.

Who can be a best candidate to have a digital smile makeover at our clinic

The ideal candidate for a digital smile make over is a patient who is wanting to enhance or improve upon their smile and open to a variety of treatments ranging from teeth whitening services, teeth straightening devices to dental crowns, implants, veneers and gum recontouring.

Patients with the following conditions may also benefit from DSD treatments:

Not everyone in this position may be   A good candidate for a digital smile makeover, patients suffering with large scale tooth decay or gum disease are less suitable than those with healthy teeth and gums.

What are the advantages of digitally smiling teeth

There are a myriad of benefits to both the patient and dentist when using the DSD system to construct a new smile. Aesthetically, the digital imagine system allows for all aspects of the design to be altered and approved  before committing to starting any work. For patients  the ability to visualise the final outcome before work has begun can instil a new level of confidence and ease going into the physical  treatment, correspondingly, with this wholistic view, Dental professionals are  to streamline  the process of impressions, analysis and recommendations to optimise the flow of procedures  and reduce treatment time frames. Functionally, with the help of this digital rendering, adjustments can be made to the alignment and form of the teeth to support a healthy bite. This in-turn promotes an overall  improved oral health that reduces the risk of future jaw joint disorders, uneven wearing and tooth decay.

How does it work, the process

Digit smile design is a multi step process. At your initial DSD consultation your dentist will discuss your concerns, desired changes and expectations alongside the assessment of your oral health for DSD suitability. Next, an intra scanner gathers a large portfolio of photographs and videos from within the oral cavity. After, this collation of imagery is uploaded to a CAD/CAM software that generates a High definition 3D render and cast for the dentist and patient to analyse. Lastly a customised treatment and procedure plan and cost breakdown is created to address the physical concerns and aesthetic wishes of the the patient. This is then digitally conceptualised to show a preview of the final result. Once approved, physical treatment commences and your new smile is right around the corner!

In-house dental lab: we use the latest technology in dentistry to scan, design, and print your new smile casts in our own in -house laboratory and you will have the best smile makeover experience, all under one roof

At Seabreeze Dentistry we’re passionate about providing our patients wholistic, hands on dental care. Utilising advanced technology and our very own in house dental laboratory our talented team are able to scan, design, and cast your new digitally designed smile. We believe our ability to carry out your entire makeover process under one roof guarantees our patients incomparable results.

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