Clear Aligners

How clear Aligners work?

Clear Aligners function in a similar but alternative way to traditional braces. Their goal is to straighten teeth over time using consistent gentle pressure. The treatment consists of a series of removable, transparent (clear) customised shells designed specifically to shift the teeth in small increments, each retainer closer to the goal shape than the last. The number of ‘trays’ over the course of treatment is largely dependent upon the extent of movement needed to achieve optimal straightness and how closely the patient has followed their individual treatment plan .
They are a comfortable and visually pleasing alternative to braces but require self discipline and dedication as the aligners need to be worn approximately 22 hours a day, removed only for eating, brushing and flossing.

Who should consider straighter teeth?

It is never too early, or too late to consider the benefits of straightening your teeth.

Straightening teeth goes far beyond  a beautiful smile. It is the remedy for many occlusal issues such as:

Addressing and rectifying these, and oral concerns like this is widely beneficial to your health and well-being. If utilised as a preventative measure, aligners can reduce the necessity for further teeth extraction and assist in healthy teeth and jaw development.

What are the benefits of clear aligner treatment?

A key benefit of clear aligners is their seamless, visually appealing appearance. Being virtually undetectable has made them a very popular solution for straightening teeth, ridding patients from the negative impact on their self esteem that traditional braces have had in the past. Similarly they provide a more comfortable experience for patients who now, no longer have to battle the pain from oral abrasions caused by loose wires and broken brackets. The treatment time for removable clear aligners is typically far more predictable and often shorter when compared to the traditional alternative- providing the patient has the discipline to follow the schedule requirements. Since they are removable, patients have the convenience to eat without restrictions, not limiting themselves to braces ‘safe’ foods. Likewise, maintaining adequate oral hygiene is easier than ever as you can clean and floss the teeth, gums and mouth without manoeuvring around delicate devices.

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