Root Canal Treatment

Teeth with untreated cavities, infections, fractures and even those with old and failing fillings may require root canal therapy to repair the damage within the tooth.

Experiencing sharp pain while chewing, an acute sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or reoccurring abscesses on the gums are some other good indicators that root canal treatment may be needed. Once the the tooth and surrounding bone has been examined and the extent of the damaged has been ascertained. The effected tooth will be isolated and an a local anaesthetic is used to numb the surrounding area. This allows for the drilling of a hole into the soft centre of tooth for removal of the dental pulp. Depending on the tooth there may be 1 to 4 canals which will need to be cleaned to treat the current infection. After through cleaning each canal must be shaped and filled with a specialist material, the access hole must also be filled to ensure to no empty pockets remain for further infection to fester. The strength and structure of the tooth may be addressed during the procedure with a canal post or at some time after with the addition of a crown. Post procedure, antibiotics are used to treat any remaining bacteria.

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