Custom Mouthguards
in Club Colours
for the Whole Team

Our mobile mouthguard service makes the whole process of getting the team protected easy, super convenient and at group discounted prices.

We’ll come to your clubrooms or school with all the necessary equipment, efficiently scan all team members’ mouths, and then custom fabricate each mouthguard using the latest 3D printing technology. 

Remember the old ‘boil n’ bite’ mouthguards?

Or the putty that used to make you gag?

Those days, thankfully, are gone. Today, we use state-of-the-art digital scanners to take an incredibly accurate and detailed image of your teeth and mouth.

We use that image to craft a mouthguard that’s shaped specifically to each players mouth using our 3D printer. These custom mouthguards are not only better at protecting your teeth, they’re also far more comfortable to wear!

Enhance team spirit - Every player in the same club colours!

Elevate your team’s game by incorporating your school or club colours into our top-notch mouthguards. Using advanced 3D printing technology, we can seamlessly integrate multiple team colours into the design, creating a unique look for team or player.

Not only do our mouthguards provide superior protection, but they also allow athletes to showcase their team spirit with pride.

Mouth scanning in just seconds

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5 easy steps to a custom mouthguard

We fit all age groups and all sports

These days, team sports cater to all different age groups, and it’s important that our teeth are protected at every stage. That’s why we provide our custom mouthguard service for all players, young and old.

The combination of our state-of-the-art digital scanners and 3D printers means we can craft mouthguards for any set of teeth. So, whether it’s for a group of kids playing junior footy or retirees reliving their school hockey days, we’ll provide mouthguards suited to their teeth that are comfortable to wear and provide the highest level of protection.

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Custom vs Over-the-counter: What’s the difference?

Over-the-counter mouthguards might be cheap but they aren’t fitted to your teeth and gums as well as our custom mouthguards. They also use a thin plastic that isn’t durable and won’t provide adequate protection for some sports.

Our custom mouthguards can be made to fit the wearer and the sport. For instance, some activities pose the risk of more forceful damage to the teeth, such as hockey. So, for hockey players, we might add extra layers of material to provide more protection.

When it comes down to it, our custom mouthguards are better fitted, stronger and durable. It’s all about crafting the right mouthguard for your teeth and sport

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