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Producing the best dental impressions using digital technology simultaneously avoiding the discomfort from traditional dental impressions.

We offer various types of Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria, including full dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, and implant retained dentures. They’re crafted out of metal, acrylic, and semi-pliable materials. We can offer just the solution to meet your specific needs.

Digital technology and producing best dental impressions

We’re very proud to bring our patients the most premium dental impression taking experience with the MeditI700 intra oral scanner. This highly efficient, and unparalleled piece of technology guarantees a shorter, more comfortable impression that is exceptionally accurate and can largely eliminate the needs for traditional, physical dental impressions.

Before the introduction of Cad-Cam technology and equipment, the traditional, physical impression taking practice was timely and uncomfortable for patients. Often the messy process of allowing the dental putty to cure in a plastic or metal trays held over the teeth would need to be repeated; in some cases many times before a successful impression was taken. Not only causing further discomfort for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex And sense of taste but generating avoidable waste.

The MeditI700 is changing the game of digital impressions, allowing us to create a high resolution 3D render of your teeth, jaw and mouth structure by stitching thousands of images from inside your oral space in just minutes. This non invasive technology is comfortable, sustainable and gives the unmatched accuracy that we need as dental professionals to offer our patients the most perfect fitting, detail focused- occlusal devices, prosthetics, restorative services and overall treatment.

Benefits of receiving Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria:

By applying this treatment, you can get back your smile ruined before ages! It helps you to regain confidence and also improve your appearance. In addition, it gives you realistic aesthetic natural-looking teeth that help to reduce the sagging.
The best perk of denture is that it is comfortable and perfectly fits your mouth. It keeps you comfortable while drinking and eating. For this, the dentist of our dentistry will take the mold of your mouth and create according to the replica of your mouth.
These are easy to clean and reduce the chances of further oral health damages and any complications.

What is the procedure involved in denture?

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Sea Breeze Dentistry accepts all private health insurers and government cards like Australian Unity, BUPA, Defense Health, Latrobe Health Services, Medibank Private, NIB, Navy health, Peoplecare, Police care, Teachers Federation. and all major health funds. We have our own onsite ceramic dental lab with easy onsite parking and a disability-friendly access ramp.

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