Combination Partial Denture — Metal And Flexi

If you have some remaining natural teeth but wish to fill the gaps left after extractions or tooth loss, then partial dentures are an effective and natural looking alternative. A partial denture is a custom-made, removable prosthetic device, held securely in your mouth by clasping to existing teeth. The partial denture design depends on your remaining tooth configuration, but most are made of gum coloured acrylic or metal with artificial teeth attached.

Why should one go for Combination Partial Denture — Metal and Flexi at Sean Breeze Dentistry?

When you first visit us in the initial stage, we take the dental impression of your teeth. We send it to the lab and give you an instant dental checkup.

Since you are wearing dentures in your mouth for long hours every day, you need to be sure they do not pose a risk to your health. The materials used in denture manufacture overseas have not been subjected to stringent Australian safety standards that apply to Australian-made dentures. When you choose Sea Breeze Dentistry to make your chrome dentures, you are safe in the knowledge of working with a trusted, long-standing local, governed by strict Australian standards.

We are experienced dental professionals who use high-quality material in a highly equipped dental lab guaranteeing you total satisfaction.

To deal with this, you need to visit the dentist who has an idea of the advanced therapeutic and surgical skills we have.

Benefits of receiving Combination Partial Denture — Metal and Flexi:

What is the procedure involved in Combination Partial Denture — Metal and Flexi?

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